“Nobody can predict exactly what’s going to happen, but I feel like with NACBH, because we’re based in DC, we’re close to the legislative process–if anybody can come close to guessing what things are going to be like, it’s the people at NACBH.” – David Napier, CEO of Youth Home Inc.


NACBH provides timely information on current issues and future trends in the field and is a national network for discussion and collaboration among members.

Experience Exchange

NACBH members create a natural network of some of the finest minds and acknowledged leaders in children’s behavioral health. This creates an invaluable think tank for our members. The open exchange that occurs during two conferences each year, monthly conference calls, and open Board meetings, results in genuinely close relationships.

Senior leadership at member organizations call on each other to grapple with some of their thorniest challenges and prepare for the future. Members share their experience in areas ranging from succession planning, Board development, and organizational culture change, to large scale programmatic transition, best practice models and workforce development strategies, to working with their states on service and payment restructuring.

Two membership committees, Best Practices and Public Policy, provide standing monthly opportunities for members to exchange information with their NACBH colleagues. The Best Practices Committee is a rich resource on accreditation standards and surveys, performance improvement activities and program innovations that are yielding tremendous results. The Public Policy Committee has an evolving agenda of state and national policy issues of most immediate concern to its members.

NACBH’s small size and collegial culture make it easy to quickly connect with peers who will share the good, the bad, and the possible.




NACBH provides our members with information on the evolving public policy and emerging trends affecting their services, positioning them ahead of the curve in strategic planning and connecting them with colleagues who can share experience and expertise.

The monthly NACBH News offers updates on legislative and regulatory developments, insight into their potential outcomes, and tips on how to influence the process. Member profiles and guest expert interviews point to emerging trends and best practices, and links to helpful resources provide quick access to information supporting program and staff development. Other regular features include reports from the NACBH Best Practices and Public Policy Committees and other association news.



NACBH educates our members with ongoing public policy information at semi-annual conferences and serves as a strategic consulting firm for our members.


NACBH convenes twice each year, for a public policy meeting in the spring or summer and a conference in late fall. These are not large, anonymous conferences – the programs are designed to engage and active participation is the norm.

The public policy meeting focuses on timely legislative and regulatory developments, emerging trends or opportunities, and effective collaboration and advocacy to advance children’s behavioral health service delivery. Known for clear interpretation of critical national issues, NACBH brings the key players directly to the meeting participants for honest, and sometime controversial, discussion. This conference also includes the annual association business meeting and Board election.

A conference is held each fall to provide administrative and clinical leaders with cutting-edge solutions to current and pending challenges in the field. Recent meetings have focused on organizational culture change, mission-driven service transformation, and workforce development.